Our company provides legal services and consultations in these scopes of law:

Civil and contractual law: we provide legal services and advice on a variety of contracts (purchase and sale, rent, distribution, preparation services and etc.). We advise and prepare the legal documents for juridical and natural person pecuniary or non-pecuniary damages, for declaration of person as incapable or as limited legal capacity, for dispute of transactions and contracts, for legal fact finding, for debts exaction, for contractual commitments failures, for forfeit, for acquisition of property and for other civil law issues. We prepare lawsuits, defenses to lawsuit, requests, complaints and other procedural documents. We offer a representation by a lawyer in court if client requires.


Commercial and business law: we provide legal services for issues of various companies’ establishment, registration, re-registration, reorganization in Lithuania. We help legally formalize and register changes of company’s statutes. We prepare company’s stakeholders contracts, meeting protocols, collective management bodies’ decisions, and the sole governing body orders. We consult company’s collegiate and sole governing body about legal liability issues. We also prepare relevant legal documents and contracts projects for companies. We provide legal analysis of documents and legal assistance in solving everyday business legal problems. At the customer's request we can offer the lawyers representing in the negotiations of the parties, state institutions and the courts of all instances.

Industrial property law: We provide advice on trademark registration, prepare applications and other documents for the registration of trademarks in Lithuania, in the EU and in other countries, we estimate preferred registered trademarks with legislation requirements, we also represent the company at the State Patent Bureau in the trademark registration process.

Labor law: We provide legal advices in legal labor relations, prepare employment contract projects, employment contract with foreigners projects, temporary employment contracts, employment contracts with managers, collective agreements, non-competition agreements, confidentiality agreements, full material liability agreements, official statues, procedure rules, company directors orders and other legal documents. We consult about exemption from work, abolition of disciplinary penalty, work conditions changes, damage payment and other labor law issues. We prepare lawsuits and other procedural documents relating to unfair exemption from work, unpaid wages, we represent company  at individual and collective labor disputes. At the customer's request we can offer counsel services in court. 

Family law:  We prepare marriage agreements, also advice on divorce issues as well as the establishment of paternity and child maintenance order issues. We prepare all the procedural documents to the court. At the customer's request we can offer counsel services in court.

Inheritance law: We advise and prepare documents creating a testament, testament disputing, we provide legal advice on disputes between heirs, on dispute with the deceased's creditors, on estates division (the allocation) issues. At the customer's request we can offer counsel services in court.

Administrative law: We advise and prepare documents of the administrative responsibility, administrative penalty, appeal, elimination issues. We prepare and advise documents (requests, complaints, reviews) of training services for a variety of governmental authorities actions, fine replacement with free public works issues, the fine in installments. We prepare appellate complaints. We also advise on administrative offenses (road traffic, public order, property, the environment, citizens’ rights in the apartment industry, labor and public health protection) issues. We advise clients in several traffic offenses in cases of special rights (the right to drive vehicles, to hunt, to engage in fishing rights to design buildings and so on.) deprivation and shortening the term issues, public administration (state, local government and other institutions) action and inaction issues.  We assist in disputes with state institutions and officials in administrative practical aspects. We represent clients in pre-trial institutions and commissions, state enterprises, institutions, organizations, public administration, the courts.